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Why would I outsource my shredding?

ShredSolutions guarantees a minimum 25% savings over in-house costs. Our high speed industrial shredders do the job in less time saving you money.

No shredder to purchase and maintain, no bags to purchase, no disposal issues

Proof of legal compliance, you always receive a certificate of destruction

Most importantly no compromise of confidentiality

How does ShredSolutions ensure it's employees can be trusted with confidential information?

Every employee must pass a detailed third-party background check and drug test.

Each employee is required to read and understand the company's written procedures and policies

How do you charge for your service?

ShredSolutions is flexible with fee structures and will tailor the fee to fit your specific needs. Most fees for confidential document/material destruction are based upon a price per pound, per box, or per bin/console.

Why pay for Shredding instead of simply recycling?

There is no confidentiality or security in the recycling process. Materials are often shipped overseas (Korea, Mexico, China, India, etc.)

Documents are sorted by numerous individuals without proper security control and may be stored for weeks until a buyer is found.

What areas does ShredSolutions service?

We service all of Metro Phoenix, Maricopa, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Casa Grande.

Through our affiliate members we can assist you in finding a professional service provider anywhere in the country that you have an office or facility.

How often do I need ShredSolutions?

It depends on the amount of material you generate and your storage capacity. We have clients that we service daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually

When should stored records be destroyed?

The period of time records are retained should be determined by your record retention schedule.

ShredSolutions can assist you in developing or updating your company's retention schedule

What do you do with the shredded material?

After being destroyed it is compacted into bales and transported directly to a paper mill for recycling.

At the paper mill, the destroyed paper is hydro-pulped and new consumer paper products are produced

What type of material can you destroy?

The most common type of material is paper.

We also shred computer disks, keyboards, CD-ROMs, credit cards, audio and videotapes, x-rays, and defective and counterfeit products

Do we need to remove staples, clips, fasteners, folders, and three ring binders?

No, unlike small office shredders our shredders are designed to handle all of these items.

What if we have files in cabinets and not in boxes?

We will drop off containers to your office or storage facility. Simply fill the containers with your unwanted records and we will destroy them when you are ready.

How much does a standard office file box weigh when full?

A standard size office file box (10"x12"x16") weighs 25-30 pounds when full of paper documents.

Does ShredSolutions accept credit cards for payment?

Yes, we accept Visa, American Express, & Mastercard.

shredded paper bail
shreded paper bails

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