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scheduled destruction

Regular Scheduled Service

We offer daily, weekly, monthly, or as needed secure destruction services depending on your specific needs. We provide specially designed security containers placed strategically throughout your office/facility to deposit and store your sensitive information. Our security service drivers will arrive on the scheduled date to service the bins or consoles.  After the records have been destroyed you will be provided with an itemized invoice and a Certificate of Destruction. This is an important legal document you should retain to demonstrate that due diligence was used to protect the confidential records.

Purge/Clean Out Service

ShredSolutions provides businesses with annual and periodic purges of old records that no longer need to be retained. A Record Retention Schedule will assist you in determining how long to retain records. If you are moving or closing an office we can assist you in removing and destroying old files and records that no longer need to be retained. If you do not have the records stored in file boxes, no problem, we will deliver security containers to your office/facility for disposal and then return when you are ready for destruction of the records.

clean out
banker file boxes

One-Time Dropoff

  • Are you someone with a lot of material that you needs to be destroyed?
  • Just drop it off and we'll knock it out for you right away.
  • Doesn't matter if you're a business or a privacy-focused consumer. We're here to help.

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